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How to clean pee off furniture or carpets

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1- Maintain your carpets to avoid dirt build-up

It’s best to vacuum at least once a week, extending the vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to its full length for thorough cleaning. This method helps in lifting the fibers and removing the dust simultaneously. If your carpet has a long pile, dusting can really help.

2-Protect your carpet from furniture marks

Furniture indentations can be stubborn, mainly because they flatten the pile or weave of the rug over time. A practical remedy is to use a small piece of carpet, cut to the dimensions of the furniture legs. To remove these bumps, apply a cotton-padded steam iron set to powdered hair (no pressure) and brush gently to lift the fibers.

3- Do not brush

Your carpet may not be as clean as it seems, and cleaning just one spot can make a noticeable difference. If it spills, solid or liquid, quickly pick up with 2 spoons and blot up with paper towels. When cleaning your carpet, be sure to treat the entire surface!

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