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The bathroom will smell for a week: all your guests will want to know the secret

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A fragrant bathroom is inviting and good to all people who enters it. Nonetheless how do you acquire that current scent that lasts for weeks with out having to resort to pricey air fresheners or chemical compounds? On this text you will research a straightforward and pure secret to protect your bathroom smelling for a week.

What you want:

A small bowl or container
baking powder
Essential oil of your different (e.g. lavender, lemon, peppermint)
Steps for scent refreshment:

Put collectively baking soda: Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the bowl or container. Baking soda is a pure odor killer and helps take up unpleasant odors.

Add Essential Oil: Add a few drops of your favorite necessary oil to the baking soda. The different of oil relies upon upon your non-public type. Lavender provides relaxation, lemon provides freshness, and peppermint could possibly be invigorating.

Mix properly: Gently stir the necessary oil into the baking soda until properly distributed. The baking soda absorbs the scent of the oil and steadily releases it.

Place the bowl in the bathroom: Place the bowl or container in your bathroom in a well-ventilated area. Ideally, you want to place the bowl shut to the air circulate system or air circulate dwelling home windows.

Renew the scent: After about a week, the scent will placed on off. It’s possible you’ll merely add a few further drops of necessary oil to freshen the scent. The baking soda may be utilized for a variety of weeks sooner than it desires to get changed.

Why does this work?


The baking soda helps take up unpleasant odors whereas the necessary oil spreads a good scent. Collectively they create a pure and long-lasting scent refreshment in your bathroom, with out harmful chemical compounds or artificial air fresheners.


Additional recommendations:




Experiment with utterly totally different necessary oils to uncover your favorite scent.

It is also potential to use this easy DIY fragrance in several rooms of your dwelling, like the mattress room or closet.

Be sure that the bowl is out of the attain of children and pets.

With this straightforward trick, you probably can protect your bathroom smelling for a week with out resorting to pricey industrial air fresheners. Your guests will definitely want to know the secret after they enter your scented bathroom!